Sunday, March 1, 2009

The third child

If you've read the BirthOrder Book, you probably know that the youngest child is the one who is usually irresponsible, entertaining...."the clown." The first born is organized, a go-getter. The middle child is the peace maker. I believe it can all be traced back to how you let your kids play in the sand :)

With Rylee (1st born):
We rarely ever just set her in the dirt. We offered age-appropriate outdoor toys like walkers and little ride-on toys. If we sat her in the dirt, we sat on either side of her to ensure that she didn't eat it.

With Maddie (Middle born):
We were excited that she interacted with Rylee, and offered them things to do together outside like a can of bubbles that Rylee could blow and Maddie could pop. Age-appropriate toys had been handed down, washed for her use. She played in the sand, but with Rylee helping to monitor her.

With Kennedie (third born):
We were so thrilled that they were all entertained, that we
plopped her in the sand and the mud left from the sprinklers.
When she ate sand we thought "oh well, what goes in will just
come out." Ride on toys are now in the side yard, covered in
spiders and not ride-able. Her entertainment is sitting in the
grass when wet and eating sand.

She did, however, get a shower....with the hose.

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Gooch Family said...

Hahaha oh your kids, I love em more and more the stories we hear. I also love that Maddie is giving Kennedie the cleanup with the hose and I'm surprised there wasn't a story just from that incident with her track record. :)