Friday, February 27, 2009

Conjoined twins

Here are our boys. When we bought them we were told that two male labs would be the worst combination we could get. We got Cisco when he was 8 weeks, then Poncho 8 weeks later, they are 8 weeks apart. We met with a dog trainer before we had Rylee and she told us that she wouldn't work with us unless we made sure that our dogs did not share a bed anymore. She said that when they got older, it would cause major fighting. We never talked to her again. Our guys sleep in a big mess of black blob, you can't tell where one starts and the other ends....still at almost 9 years old.

We have had our moments, like when:
Poncho ate a large bag of florescent green paint balls. He and the living room were covered in bright green paint, from the carpet to the ceiling.

Poncho ate my wedding ring. Todd had the lovely duty of going through his "doody" for the next 2 days.

Poncho ate our sofa. I got home from work when they were little, and Poncho was sitting in front of the wooden skeleton of our sofa, which had been completely devoured.

I dropped Poncho off to be neutered when he was little. I dropped him off at 8am. They told me to come back at 5pm. They called me at 10:00am yelling "come get your dog!" over his barking and growling, from that time on whenever we went to that vet we had to come and go from the back door and they always yelled over the loud speaker "code 7".....not sure what that meant but I know it didn't mean they liked us a whole lot.

I heard barking and howling for a couple of hours one day. I assumed it was Poncho and yelled and screamed at him. I finally looked out the back door, to find that he had tried to step over Rylee's swing on her swing set and got stuck. He then panicked, and started to spin in circles. He was draped across the swing by his belly, spinning around and around for hours.

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