Sunday, February 22, 2009

A great weekend

Todd took our two big girls out to the desert to camp this weekend, which gave me a wonderfully quite weekend. Tell me, do you know any other man who will go camping alone with two girls?!? (Besides my dad, I don't know of any other man this brave). I love that he takes them for some daddy/daughter bonding time. Rylee loves to come back and tell me "you'll never know how many marshmellows dad let us eat, and he even forgot to brush our teeth!!" Reminds me of that Bill Cosby episode "Dad is great, he gave us some chocolate cake!" That is the type of dad Todd is, I love it! I enjoyed the weekend alone with Kennedie. We ate cheerios, played ball, went shopping, and watched Barney, fabulous!

Here is daddy. The only thing that could make this a sexier pic is if he was holding a vacuum or scrubbing a toilet.

Here is my little daredevil. She now guns the gas and stands up while weaving in and out of trees and cactus!

Here is Maddie, who loves to dress like Daddy. This is one of her favorite shirts, you can't see well in this pic, but it has a bloody skull on it and she wears it constantly so she can look like Todd.

Maddie adores dirt. She can sit in dirt for hours and dig, talk to herself and fill buckets up. What a life!

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Laurel said...

Only a real MAN would look that comfortable sitting next to a precious pink lawn chair. No wonder he has to wear bloody skulls on his shirts.