Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home is where the heart is, the mall is where you poop!

As the mother of a 10mo old, 2 year old, and 5 year old I spend many hours talking about, cleaning up, and listening to talk about bodily functions. My conversation with Maddie today went like this:
Me "Maddie do you have to poop?" (trust me, a mother knows, and the answer was yes!)
Maddie "yes"
Me "Then go in the bathroom please, call me when you're done" (yippee, lucky me!)
Maddie "No, I want to go to the mall"
Me "Okay, we can talk about that after you poop"
Maddie "No, I Wanna go Poop at the mall"
Me "Huh?"
Maddie "Yah, I poop at the mall now, in the store with the fridgerators (Sears)"
Me "No, we poop at home, because we are at home"
Maddie "But it's more fun to poop in the store with the fridgerators!"
Me "Well, we have a fridgerator here at home, and we'll go to the mall later, so that's gonna have to work, go poop!"
Maddie "Otay, but you're bossy!"

No idea where this one came from...we really don't make a habit of going to Sears to poop, I promise!


Amber said...

Suuurrrreeeee you don't! Too funny!

The Wilkes said...

So funny! Silly girl. She seems to do a great job keeping you guys on your toes