Saturday, March 14, 2009

A very Skateland Birthday

Rylee had her birthday party at Skateland today. She had never skated before, but had heard that Skateland is the coolest place to have your party so was set on having it there. She actually did a really good job! We had pizza, cake, and no broken bones!! Quite an accomplishment with 19 kids there. We actually had some parents just drop kiddos off and leave them, with a quick "he's never skated before, so here's my cell phone number..." Wow! I was also amazed by the 50-60 year old men there, still wearing silk shirts and pants from the 80s, skate-dancing. I think those same men were there when I had my school skating parties there in 1988, they must be very tired by now.

Getting ready for the party Maddie
took her own snap-on skates and
threw a good-sized fit when they
suggested that she wear their

Daddy skating with the
birthday girl

I wouldn't put skates on, but led the kids in the line cha cha dance....woowoo raise the roof! I thought we were all dancing together, but now that I look at the picture.....maybe they were
all just looking at me like I was crazy?!?! Oh well, I thought we had fun.

Maddie skating with Nana, she skated and screamed "I awesome!!" the whole time (Maddie, not Nana).


The Campbell's said...

Those are some sweet moves Melissa! Do you give lessons?

Elizabeth and Tyler said...

Just so you know Melissa, Nelson's are natural born skaters. We used to win all the races at skate country back in the days and used to take our skating very seriously.