Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We just got back from a great camping trip to Sedona. We went with two other families who have kids around our kids ages. Yesterday we went to Rainbow Trout Farm. For 1$, you rent fishing gear and get to catch trout (for about 10$, you get to keep them). After you catch them, you pay 50. for a lady to chop the heads off, clean them, and pack them in ice. The kids watched her do this.....Their reactions: Rylee got really quite and teary-eyed and Todd ended up talking to her about the purpose that Jesus has for fish she stayed sad and refused to eat the fish for dinner. Maddie asked "Is she going to cut my head off and cut me up too?" I explained "no" to which she asked, "but why not?" To which I responded "you are not a fish, you are a little girl, we don't cut little girls heads off or eat them." To which she responded "Aw....alright." Here are some pics:

This is the warning sign
by the fish cleaning


Amber said...

I guess you have no recourse for Rylee's traumatization after seeing that sign! Maybe someday she'll eat fish tails like Kate does. Now THAT'S disturbing... but I'm told they taste like potato chips. I think I'll stick with the ones that come in a bag and are labeled as such!!! LOL

Gooch Family said...

I'm with Rylee, yuck! I would not enjoy watching that. And leave it to Maddie to never let us down on a good laugh!