Friday, March 6, 2009

What do you want for your birthday?

We are in the midst of birthday season (Todd 3/5, Rylee 3/20, Kenzie 4/1, Maddie 4/26). So I asked my kids today the question that every child is dying to answer:

My most-responsible almost-6 year old Rylee answered:

"A new wallet with a matching purse. My wallet is nice, but there's no place for the change, and I need to save that with the dollars."

My most-eccentric almost-3 year old Maddie answered:
-"Some orange toys"

-"Some new food to eat"
-"Superman," shocked that she even knows who Superman is, I ask "like a Superman doll or something?" She answered, "No, silly, like a person to lay on the ground and lift me up on my belly and sing do do do doooo do (Superman themesong). I answered "huh, that's different" to which she says "yup, I pretty amazin."

So, looks like we might get off with a pretty cheap b-day season b/w the wallet and playing superman!


The Campbell's said...

I love it! Rylee is too quick and that Maddie it too funny! Can she send Superman to my house to maybe fix a few things when she is done with him?

The Wilkes said...

What funny kiddos!

Chad and Beth said...

Maddie is such a character! She cracks me up. And Rylee wanting a wallet? What a girl! I love it.