Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oops, sorry about your kid's head!

I probably won't be winning Mother of the Year this year. Maddie probably won't be winning Child of the Year this year. We were down at the greenbelt in the neighborhood today, and I was the only parent watching about 10 kids. I heard a blood-curdling scream and turned around to see a 6 year old neighbor boy bleeding profusely from his head. I asked what happened, even though I really didn't want to know....cuz I had a hunch. Everyone started yelling "She threw a rock at his head!" pointing to Maddie. So...I loaded up my 3 kids, and the bloody boy and went down to take him home. When his parents answered the door (by this time, blood is covering his head, dripping down his face, onto his shirt), he yelled "She threw a rock at me!" Of course they were panicked "Who threw a rock?!?!" Yup....my kid. You know, they didn't know me, and they didn't know Maddie AND...she doesn't look like me, so I should have said "this little girl did it, I'm going to look for her parents right now!" But it's likely that would have caught up with me eventually.

So I took my kids home and returned about an hour later to have Maddie apologize. Despite our practice "Sorry Taylor" while batting eye-lashes and sticking out the bottom lip, they answered the door and Maddie proudly yelled "I threw a rock at Taylor's head, I threw it hard!" Great. They said they had a nurse friend look at it and she said that if they could get Sani-strips to stick, he wouldn't need stitches. So far they wouldn't stick. Of course.

So now we just wait, and hope that he didn't need stitches, and hope that they have insurance, and hope that there is something good on Lifetime TV tonight....cuz mama needs a break!


The Wilkes said...

Oh my goodness...your posts are so funny!!!! Your blog is quickly becoming my favorite. I was reading your story to Adam and couldn't hardly speak because I was laughing so hard. Great story. So sorry that it happened. I hope the kid didn't get stitches.

AMIT said...

Its a funny good post.
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Laurel said...

Melissa, everyone I work with has become a "Maddie fan". The child is hysterical. Your blog is my favorite!