Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Look Mom, no training wheels! Look mom, I'm eating snot!

My kids are amazing! We took Rylee to the park after school today and took the training wheels off of her bike. Within 10 minutes, she was cruising around, standing up while pedaling, doing figure 8's! It was so much fun! This is one of my favorite milestones so far, it ranks right up there with learning to pump her legs on the swings. Love it!

Maddie also had a proud moment. While watching Rylee, I heard a bunch of "big kids" (8-10 year olds) yelling "ooh, gross!" I turned around to the playground where Maddie was in the center of the kids, blowing her snot out, then licking it up. I don't know that I could have come up with something to gross out a group of 9 year olds, so I was pretty impressed. Here is our little snot blower:

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Gooch Family said...

Oh my gosh that little girl is so funny! I can't believe how opposite her and Rilee are! I feel trouble on your hands, haha. Bet you can't wait until she's a teenager.