Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maddie's new TV

My posts seem to be about Maddie alot, being 2 1/2 is just too entertaining!

So I put her to bed last night and she tells me "I wanna watch TV." I explained that we were done with TV and it was bedtime. She said "NO, the TV in my room." I explained "You don't have a TV in your room." To that, she said "Yes I do, it's up there" pointing to the ceiling. She then asked me to turn it on so that she could watch "My Little Ponies." So I acted like I had a remote, pointed it to the ceiling, kissed her goodnight and walked out. I checked on her about 20 minutes later, and she was still staring at the ceiling singing "My little pony, my little pony, what will today's adventure be" ( A song I know very well). I told her in my big-girl-mama voice that it was time to really go to sleep. She looked at me and said "but I waiting for you to change the channel, it's over and I wanna watch Caillou." I found myself yet again, pointing my magical hand at the ceiling, thinking "good gosh, I hope she knows we are pretending," told her to go to sleep and walked out. She started yelling about 15 minutes later "mama, come turn it off." Apparently Caillou was over and it was finally time for bed. I'm thinking that maybe next time daddy wants a bigger TV, Maddie and I will show him just how affective her approach to TV watching is, who knows, she might have been watching her shows on a 60 in plasma too!

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