Friday, January 23, 2009

Maddie's well paying job

So we were outside playing the other day and I was with Rylee, looking at the neighborhood cat ("milkfish") down at the greenbelt. Maddie was following two of the kids around (yes, one was the little boy she almost killed a few weeks back), and the two kids took off running home. Maddie took off after them yelling "don't wowwy guys, I comin!" I went up to check on them, when Maddie came running back yelling "look mama, they payed me a money!" They had given her some pennies. She went back into the greenbelt and played by herself in the grass, then went running back to their front yard, and came back with more money. The next time she ran up to their yard, I went too, only to hear them saying "here she comes, get more pennies!" She would run up to the yard, and they would hand her pennies and say "now go play in the grass for a little while." Nice. She actually loved it though, and made some money off of them. So now she asks to go outside and "play the money game." I'm thinking I should start that at home, "go in the playroom and play nice together and I'll give you a penny." I've never gotten to be a daytime talk show junkie, but I might actually get to watch Oprah or Maury or something if I start the penny game at home. Ooh, or maybe I'd have time to make dinner that didn't come from a blue box with a cheezy packet inside! Just imagine...

Kids are so funny, the recent conversations I've had with mine just remind me of how different they are:

Maddie has been on a toe-nail kick. I was driving the other day and she screamed in an excited voice "Mama, I have toenails, do you have some too!?!?!?" I look back to see her holding up her finger nails and say "those are nice, but they are your finger nails, your toe nails are on your toes." She looks down at her feet and screams again "Yes, there's more down there!" Maddie also had a fit the other night because I wouldn't take her toenails off before she went to bed. Yup, that's right, she kept yelling "take them off, I put them on in the morning!" Where in the world she came up with that I'll never know!

On the other hand, Rylee told me today that she wasn't sure about our financial decisions "you know, if you are paying a whole bunch for a new house, you might not want to put Maddie in preschool and have to pay for that now too, do you think it's smart to do those things at the same time?" I explained that Maddie doesn't start until August, but she is still questioning the decision. Good things to worry about when you're 5!!!


Gooch Family said...

Your kids are an absolute riot!! Take her toenails off? Where does she come up with that!? Also, what Rylee said reminds me of a commercial that used to be on, I can't remember which company it was, but it was some financial company and the kids were the ones educating their parents on it. Pretty funny.

The Wilkes said...

Poor Maddie. She's going to die someday when she reads these stories about her! They are hilarious! Congrats on the new house. When is the move in date?