Monday, December 22, 2008

The things moms have to say...

So you know how you have those days when your kids just seem like angels and you think "wow, we're doing something right!" Then there are those other days......feels like we've had a few of those, as everyone seems to get ants in their pants as we get closer to Christmas. Here are some of the things I have actually had to say recently:

"We do NOT poop in the bathtub!" (that was a nasty one!)
"We do not pee on the stairs!" (that was pretty icky too!)
"Please get the worm out of the kitchen, they have germs"
"When you knocked the barstool over on the baby, you could have killed her!"
"Do not feed your boogers to the baby" then....."I don't care that she liked it, we don't do that!"
"Where did you learn to hold your middle finger up to people?"
"No, mommy is not a monster"
And finally, what they have driven me to say..."If I go crazy and have to join the circus, who is going to make your dinner?" Luckily Rylee is sarcastic enough to just respond "I don't know, but we'll figure it out."


The Wilkes said...

Too funny! I laugh at the conversations you can have with kids and sometimes I crave more adult talk and less poop and pee and bummy talk. Miss you guys!

Becky said...

Here are mine:

Don't lick the truck!
Don't Lick me!
Don't pee on the patio!

Thanks for the laugh!