Saturday, December 27, 2008

The monsters are gone!

You may not know it from looking at our quite house, in our quite suburban neighborhood, but we have had a huge monster problem! There was a "monter face" under Maddie's toddler bed that was keeping her from sleeping every night. The final straw was when she was so terrified to sleep in her own room that she was shaking and screaming. So, after reading an article that compared a child's fear of monsters to an adults fear of walking alone down a dark ally behind a scary neighborhood (the fear is very real, and saying "you shouldn't be afraid won't help), we enlisted some help. We were busy with heading down to Tucson for Chrismas Eve, so I called my parents to mix up some "monster spray." On Christmas day, Maddie opened the package that contained a flashlight and the spray (body spray, with the Monsters Inc... monster pictures taped around the outside). We came home and Maddie and Daddy shined the flashlight around the room, spraying the magical spray and yelling "Get out, go away!" And it worked! Here is a picture of a very satisfied customer of monster spray!


The Wilkes said...

Very clever! Good story. Hey Heather told me about your request to have Christmas Eve in Phx next year. I totally agree. Adam and I were recently talking about how every other year it will have to be up in Phx. Especially since everyone with kids will live up there...less travel for the ones with kids.

Chad and Beth said...

Melissa, you have the funniest blog ever! I laughed at your last two blogs. Very clever of you to use monster spray! Hope you don't mind that I checked out your blog!