Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grandma Swain

I can't believe tommorow will be 9 years since my Grandma passed away. Norma Lola Swain, such a beautiful person. My kids never got to meet her, but they each have a piece of her; Rylee has her long, slender body, Madison has her blue eye, and Kennedie has her middle name (and stubborness!).

Some things about Grandma...She love, love, loved Todd. We used to take her to church every week. On the way home, she would inevitably go into insulin shock. I would get in the back of the van, prop her head back, and squeeze gel into her mouth (while Todd watched from the front of the van). I would have drool all over me, and be a sweaty mess by the time she came around. She would then come out of it, and tell us "good thing you were here to handle that Todd, thank you so much, can you imagine if it was just me and Melissa?" So silly...

I remember she always described people by what they were. For example, every time we saw Lewis, the janitor at her assisted living apartment, she would say "Melissa, my granddaughter, this is Lewis, the homosexual janitor." Or her neighbors down the street, "Melissa, my granddaughter, these are my neighbors, they are drug dealers."

She was a stunning woman, inside and out...as was her twin, "Aunt Nai." Can you imagine what the young men thought when they saw these two walking down the street?


E said...

I enjoyed this post on grandma - thank you, Liss!

Here are some things that I remember...

I remember how grandma loved Louie L'Amor books and the impressionist painters (particularly Monet). I remember how she always had sweet tarts and a small can of grapefruit juice in her purse.

I remember how she loved to paint.

We would always go to catch a movie when I was out to visit. I remember she and I crying together as we left the theater after seeing "Turner and Hooch". And I remember the last time I saw her - on New Years Eve - we celebrated together and watched the classic movie, "Rebecca".

She always called me a "worry wart" (an apt name).

Oddly enough, I can remember my first birthday being celebrated in the kitchen of her and grandpas house in Scottsdale - the cake, the stuffed Pooh Bear and a new dress that was too long that she had to bring the hem up on!

And I remember how she kept on going and doing, even though she had so many health concerns. Would that we were all that strong! :)

Amber said...

LMAO!!!! She sounded like quite a character... I think you must have a little of that spirit in you too! ;-)