Monday, August 16, 2010

A Pre-schooler, Pre-K'r, and 2nd grader

Here is a story problem for you:

There are 3 children; a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and a 7 year old. All start school at 8:30. The 3 kids go to 2 schools, 8 miles apart. The 1st child gets out at 11:45, the 2nd gets out any time after 1:00, and the 3rd gets out at 3:15. Kids 2 and 3 need to take their lunches. Kids 1 and 2 will need to take snacks for the entire class every few weeks. What time does the train leave the station?

The morning started with a breakfast of champions. Yes, I took a picture of toaster waffles. Here's why: When I called the girls "breakfast is ready," Kennedie ran to the garage door yelling "ok, give me my bag" (meaning a sandwhich bag full of random food she could eat in the think we rush around much?!?!)

Two very happy "morning people" girls, ready for school!!!

One "not so happy in the morning" girl, who had just finished yelling at everyone...something about us being too loud and too happy, her having no clothes, and her hair not looking right. We love you, Rylee....but prefer being around you after about 9am :)

Three sisters praying for each other. Maddie "Jesus, help Rylee be nice, cuz she's not." Rylee, "Jesus, help Kenzie not pee her pants at school." Kenzie "Jesus, it's Madison, amen."

And the big Preschool and Pre-K'rs heading into school. Kenzie walked into class, blew us a kiss and said bye. On the way to school, I told Maddie that I needed her to be a big girl and walk into class with no fussing so she wouldn't worry her little sister. She told me "no, I will cry and hold on to you." I then told her that it makes mommy really sad when she does that. She said "yes, I know, but I'm going to cry and hold on to you." A girl of her word, as we turned to walk out of the room, she tackled Todd's legs and turned on the water works "no, don't leave me." The teacher peeled her off and took her to class, where she did great, and didn't want to leave, and would like to stay until 5 next time....geez (I think she gets her dramatic flare from her father).

Rylee started 2nd grade last week (before our new camera came), and is doing great. Within 5 minutes of walking her to the playground the first day, 5 boys started chasing her. I wanted to threaten them, but refrained. I cried, yes...she did 2 years of preschool, 1 year pre-k, 1 year kindergarden, 1 year 1st grade, now 2nd grade, and I cried on the first day. again.

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Amber said...

That is hilarious and sad all at the same time! I actually never cried when my kids went to school... ANY of their schools! How sad is THAT!? BUT, now that Kate is away at camp for an entire week, it is killing me. You see, when they go away to school, I like that they are getting to do all the stuff that I either don't know how to do or don't have time to do. I like that they get to interact with other kids and teachers, etc. But I'm so happy for them to get home where I can find out all about their day and to hug and kiss them. I am hating not getting the chance to check and see if she is ok or if she is scared. My kids also have never cried when I dropped them off (which I have grateful for) and they have NEVER had a problem sleeping over at friends houses, so I'm sure she is fine, but what if she isn't this time? UGH... can you tell I'm having a bit of a meltdown about this!!!! lol

I hope the rest of your days go more smoothly and I am impressed that you are able to manage all of the times/locations... I suspect I would screw up and go to the wrong school at the wrong time! ;-)