Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teachable moments

Thank you to:

The neighbor girl who threatened to kill Maddie. You provided me with an opportunity to
a) tell my girls they do not have to allow anyone to speak to them that way
b) praise her big sister for telling you "that is against the law, and oh no you won't!"
c) demonstrate to them how to be assertive when you came back over to play and I sent you home
d) show my girls that their sisters will always be here for them and show them how blessed they are to have each other.

The boy who asked Rylee to be his girlfriend. When she told you no, and you ran around the school telling all the 2nd graders that Rylee was your girlfriend, you provided me with the opportunity to talk to Rylee about a) what it means to have a boyfriend, and that she can only have "boys that are friends" until she is much older and b) how boys should respect you.

You two superstars provided me with some wonderful conversations with my children tonight. Thank you.


The Wilkes said...

Can you imagine what the teaching conversations are going to be in about 5 years. But doesn't it make you so proud of Rylee for sticking up for her sister. She knows that only she is allowed to kill Maddie and no one else! :)

E said...

I like how you found a positive way to use these situations! These were indeed teachable moments!!! Strong work!

I also like the Wilkes comment! ;)

Beth said...

Oh dear. They are being taught very good examples of bad examples. I don't think I even want to think about 5 years from now. I keep praying Kelsie will stay a baby. Please stay a baby! Please stay a baby! PLEASE STAY A BABY!