Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello, old friends

Parenting tip: If you put your kids down for naps (you, know, cuz they kept you up all freakin night and you just KNOW they are tired!), then decide to take a nap yourself, make sure your kids are actually asleep. If not, you might sleep for 2 hours and wake up to kids who painted and colored their little bodies. Maddie was completely "sleeved" out. Once we got up, we cleaned them up, and Rylee painted cat faces on everyone.

Madcat telling me "Mom, you may be hot, but I am 'hot stuff' and that's alot better" Um...thanks?

Three little kitty cats.

And, once again we have lost our camera. Not to be confused with it being broken (which was last month). We got a brand new one, then lost it. Crap. If I ever win the lottery ( I don't play but do fantasize that the person in front of me at the gas station wins and can't handle the excitement so they hand me their ticket and run away....leaving me with millions), I will pay someone to follow us around and take pictures with a camera that doesn't break or get lost, then friends, I will blog constantly!


E said...

OK - here's what you need to do ... get an iPhone. Almost every picture I take now-a-days is on my iPhone. The photos come out surprisingly good, it's extremely portable, and hey, it's your phone, too!

We took ours with us to Noah's Ark water park - they even make waterproof cases that you can strap to your arm (which we have). I think this would be a great thing for you and your beach loving' family! :)

The Wilkes said...

Great story! At least they didn't do it to your face while you were sleeping!