Friday, April 30, 2010

A late Happy B-Day to Maddie

Our camera is still in the shop, I was waiting all week to get some recent pics of Maddie for her b-day post..but doesn't look like we'll be getting it back soon. SO...luckily I have some great pics that Aunt Erin took for us in November. That being said....Monday was Maddie's big day...she is now officially 4.

Happy Birthday to Madison Ann, some fun facts about "Miss Moose."

-Maddie was our biggest baby at birth, but the shortest labor
-She has always been above the growth charts, except now...for the first time she is 95% height and 90% weight
-Daddy picked her name all by himself, he always wanted a "Maddie"
-Madison is a fashion-ista, she changes clothes 10x/day
-She has requested to be called "Madison" now that she is 4, it's a bigger name, you know
-I could seriously eat her cheeks, they're just fabulous!
-She is our cuddle-bug, the one kiddo that can curl up next to us in bed and fall sound asleep (the others chatter, poke our ears/noses/etc...)
-When she grows up, Madison would like to "be a person that writes numbers or have lots of babies." I'm hoping that means she'll be an accountant until she's 25 and married!

As I pray with her each night, "Thank you for my blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby!"

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