Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trauma at Preschool

So today was the Mother's Day Tea Party at Maddie's preschool. All of us mom's were given lovely hats that our kids made, then sat down to eat a snack with the kiddos. The teacher explained that the kids had made pictures of their moms that were hanging on the wall. The pictures were numbered, no names revealed. We were suppose to go up and guess which one was our kiddo's picture. Beneath the picture they answered questions about their mom. Now, being a seasoned preschool mom, I knew the drill. I did however, also recognize that it would be different with Maddie than it was with Rylee. You see, Rylee has always been very logical, and detail oriented. So when she was in preschool, such silly questions about mom were less silly. She nailed her questionare. While the other moms questionares listed ages from 2-100, Rylee responded "29" yup. While the other kids listed moms shoe sizes between 1-100, Rylee responded "8" yup. I knew Maddie's would be different.

All the moms ran up to see the pictures. I waited for the crowd to die down, and hung out with my Maddie. I hear all the mom react to one picture. There are gasps, loud laughs, whispering, and lots of "hope that's not mine!" I go up to check and they are all looking at picture number 4.
Picture number 4 says:
My mom is "4" years old
My mom is prettiest when she....."Goes to the bar"
My mom always says "Wake up sleep head, let's make brownies"
My mom likes to make "Strawberry cookies"
My mom is funny when "she makes strange faces."

Yup, the mother of #4 is about to be put in place for her bar-hopping behavior. We are, afterall, at a Christian school. I sat back down and the mom next to me says "my son wouldn't even know the phrase "going to a bar"...geez." I agreed with her, neither would my kids.

So the teacher then reads out #1, #2, and #3. Each time, she reads it and you shout out if you think it is your kid's picture. She read number 4. You could hear a pin drop. She finally shouts "Madison!" What the.... The entire room erupts into laughter. One lady says "and we thought you were busy at work when you weren't here." I turn beat red. Maddie turns, her head into my chest. She kept her head buried in my chest as everyone laughed at the picture she worked for 2 weeks on. The teacher then went around taking pictures of everyone with their mom. Maddie sat, tears in her eyes, head in my chest. Then it was time to sing the goodbye song. I told Maddie to go sing, then we could go home.

When I got home tonight, Rylee looked at the picture and asked Maddie what it meant to go to a bar. Maddie was puzzled. Rylee asked her "when does mom look prettiest?" Maddie said "like I told Miss Nancy, when she goes to the Ball, you know, like Cinderella." My heart dropped. I had been totally embarassed and worried about what people thought, when I should have been proud as hell. My kiddo thinks I'm a princess. And while apparently not the most articulate, she spent 2 weeks working on a picture, for me.

So, today I've learned two things:
My kiddo does not know about bar hopping, nor does she think I am an alcoholic...phew:)
On mothers day, remember...a picture from a kiddo is their heart poured out. It's like saving money for months to buy something for someone...I'd never want to see a gift I bought for someone thrown away a week later.


Gooch Family said...

Oh that breaks my heart to read that! Poor girl! What a sweet thing to know what she really was trying to say.

The Wilkes said...

That made me cry too! What a sweetheart!

E said...

Poor babe! I'm surprised her teacher didn't probe a little deeper to find out what it was she was trying to say - it's what I would have done (that and realizing that children so young often don't pronounce their words the same way we older folk do!).

And, homemade gifts are the best - so much more meaningful! :)

Laurel said...

Oh, that is so sweet, made me "puddle up". I love, love, love that child.

Amber said...

What a sweetheart. And quite frankly, I thought it was cute either way! Kids see things so different from us and I would not be embarrassed no matter what she wrote. She is such an individual and so spirited... that's really neat. Maybe she will write movie scripts one day... I bet they would be blockbusters for sure. Please tell her that I think she did a really great job and all those other moms were just jealous and wished that their girls were so creative! ;-)

Carol said...

What a sweet heart! I was teary eyed reading this too. Bless her little heart. I hope she wasnt too upset over it all. I bet it was a beautiful picture.
-Aunt Carol