Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pimp my ride...or don't

I got a new car in October. I wanted the new Tahoe because it has an isle between 2 bucket seats in the 2nd row. I was so sick of "she's touching me" and "she's pulling my hair" or, my personal favorite "she licked my foot!" When we went to the lot, the only one they had was all black. Being inpatient and not wanting to drive around looking for other options, we bought it. Within 2 days of owning it, Todd had it pimped out. He put black tint on the windows, and black rims on the tires. However, I am at the point in my life where no amount of pimping out will make me, and my 3 pink carseats, look cool.

Now, this does have it's perks. When you go to through the drive-through, you worry about if your food will be made right and if it's all in the bag. Those same 17 year old boys are now my homies. I go through and it's all "dude, nice ride."Geez. My first day in the car after said pimping-process, someone at work said "nice dubs." I said "you too!" thinking it was maybe a new way to say "good hair day!" Geez... for a 30 something year old girl (really, not SO into the 3o's to be called "30 something" cuz that implies your all the way into them, and I'm not...yet) I'm really not schooled in "murdered out rides" (another compliment from my drive-through buddies).

Now, for the down side. Not good. Not good at all I tell you.

I was pulled over about a month ago. The officer came around the side of my vehicle with his hand on his gun. Somehow I got off with a warning, after he told me I was neglecting my responsibilities to the community. Ouch. Then the kicker. I got pulled over yesterday, with my big girls in the car. The officer pulled me over for tint. Once he heard that I'm married to an officer, he tacked on a speeding ticket. Seriously, I was at almost a dead stop in a construction zone in down town Gilbert at rush hour. SO...two tickets later from this not-so-nice man, I lost it. I tend to have a bit of a temper, won't say where I inherited that from (but it's not my mom). I called Todd and went on and on, I rattled something about him needing to rent me a car or I'll get shot. So anyway, he finally fixed the tint. I drove his truck to work today and when I got home, Maddie told me "daddy fixed your windows so that you'll stop complaining now." Nice.

But, I do have to brag on him for a minute. For all the knuckle-headed moves he might make (seriously, don't they all?!?!), he has to be the best daddy ever. He and my dad took the girls camping last weekend. He took Kenzie and Maddie on Th night, then I went out and picked Kenzie up and he kept Rylee and Maddie Friday night. I don't know too many men who would take 2 and almost 4 year old girls camping without mama. brave. Here are some pics from the daddy/daughter/papa trip:


The Wilkes said...

I thought police don't give police, and their families, tickets??? What a jerk! He was probably mad that you drive a pimped out car and his wife drives a crappy minivan!

Amber said...

lol! Where's a picture of the vehicle??? I want to see it with that dark tint!

E said...

If you want to sound really down with your hommies, you can tell them that the "PoPo or 5 and 0" tricked out your vehicle! Course, depending on their criminal background, they might never serve you again! LOL!

And ... what did you do when the little ones were in the care of your men-folk? Something nice and relaxing for yourself, I hope?