Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rocky Point

We spent the weekend in Rocky Point for the Rocky Point Triathlon. The race was lots of fun. I'm sure Todd would have signed up to do it with me, but someone stole his tennis shoes out of the back of our truck 10 minutes after we got there:) My mom and some family friends went too. The race was awesome, I got to see Todd, Nana and the girls at each stretch (after the swim, bike, and run) as well as the finish line. Unfortunately, our camera is in the shop...I'd like to think it has more flattering pics on it then these ones I pulled from our friends, but with padded bike shorts and ocean-nappy hair...I doubt it.

Geez, could I look any more dramatic? The water was suppose to be warm so I didn't take a wetsuit. Of course they had a cold front, and it was 67. Couple that with people swimming over each other, kicking, scratching, and lots of waves. Rough stuff. After getting out of the water, you run through the sand and up a hill to grab your bike.

That's me, a tiny spot on the long desert ride. The route was hilly but fun. (Wishing the swim picture was this zoomed out :))

And heading in toward the finish line and slip n slide...yay!


E said...

What a great accomplishment! You must feel so good! Yeah Liss! :)

Gooch Family said...

Way to go!!

Amber said...

Hey your swim picture reminds of Baywatch (lol)... own it girl! Congrats and what an accomplishment!!!

The Wilkes said...

You look great!!! Now you probably need a pedi and a massage!

Beth said...

Yeah. Good job! I want to do one of those some day.