Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where ya been?

Rocky Point, Cabo, California, and here... It's been a crazy busy summer, i'll update speed-date style:

Rocky Point - Nothing says family togetherness like the 5 of us in a trailer for 6 days, but we do love us some Rocky Point! Great ocean, great friends/family, mangoes, and arctic-cat rides....

Cabo - To recover from said Rocky Point togetherness-time, and to celebrate 12 years of marital bliss, we spent 5 days there while Nana and Papa watched the kids. Nana and Papa were half-way backed out of our driveway, heading home when we pulled into our neighborhood after our trip, not really, but they did look extra tired. We had a great time, played beach volleyball, slept in (till 8, parenthood has actually robbed us of the ability to truly sleep in), visited Cabo Wabo, and did a Sunset Dinner Cruise (here's a fact I learned about myself, I get seriously sea sick. A fact I learned about the boat, the bathroom doors don't lock. Bummer for Todd who spent the cruise outside the bathroom telling ladies to go away, his wife was puking). We also left our camera in the taxi on our way to the cruise-of-doom. Todd calmly told me the camera was gone, and all I could think about was all the pictures of preschool graduation on it, and did what every mother would do...took off running down the pier, through the street, to the hightway where I flagged down a taxi full of Americans, and had them all check the seats in the taxi-van, then realized it was the wrong taxi. I turned around to see my calm husband, and many locals running after me, seeing an opportunity for some payment. The locals ended up calling the taxi company and flagging down the righ taxi, and the camera was saved....phew!!

CA....because we love a good adventure...I flew to CA with the 3 kiddos and our niece. We had a great time, and I saw a whole new side of the TSA employees, who continuously said "You have your hands full" and were very accomodating. Everyone did great traveling, even Madison, who yelled "I'm leaving this plane" at the top of her lungs, while getting out of her seatbelt after the pilot gave his take-off speech. I assured the fellow passengers that she was an air marshall, and we were good to go. We met Nana and Papa in CA, and had a great trip, filled with legoland and eating bad-for-us food that daddy would never have approved of :)

Here are some pics from our trips

The girls at the aquarium, Rylee boogy-boarding, lovers arch from Dinner Cruise, Todd and the Rolling Stones, me at the Cabo Wabo bar,


E said...

Lookin' good, lady! Glad you are having such a fun and busy summer! By the way, I get sea-sick, too. This must be hereditary, as I also remember that you, like myself used to get car-sick. I discovered my sea-sickness (is that a word?) when I was in the ocean - snorkeling off the coast of Puerto Rico. I actually had to get out of the water, back on the boat (which wasn't much better) and put my head between my legs. I wound up sitting slumped over, staring at my toes and feeling sorry for myself for the duration of the snorkeling trip.

The Wilkes said...

Love the stories you tell! So funny about the camera! Sounds like you guys have had a miserably boring summer! :)