Friday, May 13, 2011

Home Improvement Help

So I am the Queen of unfinished projects. Seriously, my home improvement style is somewhere between Autism and ADHD. I get totally overstimulated shopping for home decor, and if I do make purchases, I don't have the focus to put the items somewhere when I get home. Really, I hired an interior decorator to help, you know what my first project was for her? I showed her my corner. That's right, the corner in our front room where I threw everything I bought to decorate with; clocks, frames, flowers, all right there, behind the door in our front room. She helped, but I never called her back to do any more projects.

Then there was the painting of the interior of the house. We picked colors. We agreed. Then I came home while all the men were painting, saw the color they were painting the niches in the entertainment center, and cried. Then like a crazy person (yah right "like" one...uh huh), I asked each of the men if they actually would paint that ugly color in their own homes, referring to it as baby poo. Of course they didn't speak English and just looked at me saying "I don't know." So, I made them stop painting and wait for me to go buy paint. While at the store, Kennedie put all the paint swatches in her underwear "to keep them berry safe" and we had to throw them all away. It was a good day.

If you've been to our house, you've seen these frames. This one has two happy little girls, and says "Kids, they make life sillier" I have great pictures of my own happy little monkeys, but who do you think the girls in the frame are? That's right, I don't know either, they came with the frame in December:

How about this one. A family tree picture that's been hanging over our fireplace for three years, recognize these people? Other than the three pics on the top, I don't recognize any of them either.'s where I need some help. I know I do not like our kitchen cabinets, and am getting some bids on redo'ing them next week. Todd says I better know what I want before the poor suckers come to our house. I like black distressed cabinets, and white cabinets, also expresso's a picture of our kitchen, what would you recommend? Fingers crossed for no tears, and a completed project this time!


The Wilkes said...

I meant to talk to you about this tonight. I was over at your house today and Todd mentioned the kitchen. For what it's worth, I think that black cabinets are going to be too have a lot of dark furniture in there already. I think white or cream, distressed cabinets would look really nice and then maybe black cabinets on the island. And then the granite being white with dark specs. Just a thought....

Beth said...

I was just going to say that if you do get white just remembered they are kind of trendy so they might go out of style in a few years. If it was me I would pick a brown just because they are traditional and will not look too dated. Our friends just did a really nice looking kitchen. I'll have to send you to their blog when they post it.