Monday, May 9, 2011

Rocky Point Triathlon

It's over! This year my parents and our family friends Bob and Becky, as well as our friend Dan, and my brother and niece all headed down for the race. The Rocky Point tri has actually been rated as having one of the best after parties in the country, but we were in bed by 8:30 that night, rock on!

The wind was awful, my bike actually got sand-blasted and is missing paint, and my face and arms got a fabulous exfoliating.

My pictures aren't co-operating, so I'll post them perfectly backwards, starting with an overview of the beer tents and after party:

A picture from the bike course, that dirt in the street is actually blowing across

After the swim, shirt and shoes and socks thrown on, getting my once-shiny bike off the rack, ready for the 16.5 miles of exfoliating fun!

Coming out of 1000 meters of swimming-in-the-ocean fun, running up the hill to get to my bike. Note the men behind me, they actually started in the heat before me....some slow men this year (trust me, I'm not fast, so that's actually kind of sad)!

And the end of the backwards triathlon (with no running pictures)


Beth said...

Okay so my first comment didnt' work. Impressive. That sucks your bike got sand blasted and YOU!

Gooch Family said...

What a pain it was windy! That cannot be fun to run/bike in that! You should have just left it at, "Those guys behind me started in the heat before me. So yea I'm basically awesome!" :)