Wednesday, August 10, 2011

School Days!!

I stood in my bathroom getting ready this morning reminiscing over the past couple of years of having Maddie home during the day. I knew we would both miss our movie-watching-cuddle time while Kenzie takes her afternoon nap. This would be such an emotional day for us both. Then my Madison came into the bathroom and casually, but assertively tells me "I don't need you to take me to my class, I'm fine." Really?!? Don't you mean, "I'll miss you mom, give me a hug?" Nope, she has grown into a confident little school girl overnight, and was sure she could handle school without us.
Of course, we went with both girls to school to get them settled, and took a gazillion pictures while wearing sunglasses and crying, a yearly tradition. Does this ever get better? Geez...Rylee is in 3rd grade, time to stop crying mama!
I love this picture, it captures their goals for the school year so well. Rylee wants to get better at multiplication and division, and Maddie would like to have play dates every week.

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The Wilkes said...

Love it!!!! What is it with that second child...are they all wild party animals? I believe Todd fit that mold as well as the fun loving second. Great picture...great post!