Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's so true, the best thing you can do for your spouse is love your kids, at least for me. Todd knocked it out of the park today. He texted me on Wed "don't get the kids anything for V-day, I have it covered." This was a relief b/c I had tried to buy them a bunch of stuff at Target about a week ago. I bought things from the dollar bins etc...then picked up some fabric softner. I put the fabric softner on top of everything then discovered at the check out that it leaked all over everything. The cashier took everything out of my cart that was ruined and threw it away. Instead of being a big girl and going to buy more, I got mad and left. Todd is just smoother than me as a rule.

I'm so impressed with this man. Really, even after almost 11 years of marriage...still impressed. He got everything right today, and that's not easy when shopping for 3 kids.

He got each girl a sweet card, an outfit (even got the sizes right!), a stuffed animal, and candy.

It's alot to remember...let alone making it out of the store without ruining everything. are some pics of our day...and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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E said...

Don't you love these men of ours! Mike did the same thing for Ami'! He got her a 'Dora' card with stickers, three heart shaped mylar balloons (one with Dora AND Boots!), a flashing heart button and some "cuk" (chocolate in Ami's vocabulary!). He definitely did good!

I would have done the same thing as you at the Target - left in utter disgust. Mike is the calmer of the two of us as well.