Friday, March 26, 2010

A short post, but at least it's a post...

Our camera broke, so we are waiting for our new one to arrive in the mail no new pictures to blog with, bummer.

We did have an excellent date-night tonight. Actually, a double date. We had a sitter watch Kenzie so we could take Ry and Maddie on a double date with us. We took them to the movies. I was explaining to Maddie that it would be like watching a show on TV, but the screen would be bigger (no this was not her first movie experience, apparently she forgot the last one). She was so excited and asked "will it be bigger than a fat lady!?!" So off to the movies. We payed for Princess and the Frog, then followed Todd into Chipmunks. We all sat down and the movie starts. Todd looks at me and says "oh crap, we're in the wrong movie, how did that happen?" Uh, we followed you, into the theater under the large bright yellow sign with 3 chipmunks, ding dong!

Anyway, movie was great. Maddie's dreams were realized "it really was bigger than a fat lady" and everyone is sound asleep now, a great night!

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Beth said...

Hahaha. Nice movie hopping! Already teaching your kids how to sneak into movies! Hilarious!