Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Morning

I love days I don't work, I get to sleep until 7. Up at 7, wake kids up at 7:30, leave the house at 8 to get Rylee to school. Today I didn't work.

So when our house alarm started blaring at 6am today, I wasn't thrilled. I have thought about what to do in this situation (thanks to the monsoon in August that blew the door so hard the alarm went off at 2am). I knew that Todd was out of town (in Vegas, lucky sucker) and the girls were in their beds. Rylee and Maddie came running into my room, screaming and crying. I yelled to the girls and asked if they had opened a door or window, they yelled back "no." I checked the alarm panel, back door opened. SO...I left the alarm blaring (sorry residents of Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek for waking you up at 6) so that the alarm company would dispatch the police. I yelled at the girls to hudle on my bed while I ran to get Kennedie. I knew I would have to run by the ajar back door, and was shaking. I then grabbed the phone and started to dial 911. Luckily, I only dialed 9 when Maddie started yelling "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I immediatly hung up the phone and asked her what she was sorry for. She started yelling (yes, alarm is still blaring) "Worms, I wanted to find worms!" I turned off the alarm while she explained that she woke up early to go digging for worms. When she opened the back door, the alarm went off, so she slammed it and ran to get Rylee. Which is when they ran into my room and our drama began.

I knew that having three girls would bring drama into our lives, but at freakin 6 am on a non-work day???


Gooch Family said...

Aww poor girl just wanted some worms :)

E said...

It's Murphy's Law in action!