Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching up!

This month has been a busy's where we've been:

Camping: Up north with some friends and family...the big girls played like crazy while Kenzie enjoyed playing in the dirt

Cabin: I took the girls to the cabin overnight last weekend with my dad. Maddie was excited the whole way b/c she kept seeing the ocean (in the forest?!). She was drilling me the whole way "do you have my goggles, floaties, raft?" while I continuously explained that those things outside were only trees and we couldn't swim in them. The girls did have a blast on the two swings outside, while Kenzie enjoyed putting dirt in a bowl full of water.

Vegas: I went to Vegas with a good friend...we had a blast! When I called home, Maddie asked me "is this mommy or daddy?" (after Todd handed her the phone) she then asked me if I was having fun at work (after I had been gone 2 days). Rylee filled me in on everyone's behaviors and drilled me about what I had been doing, eating, drinking, etc...

California: We just got back today from California. We all had a great time! We stayed for 4 days in Carlsbad where we stay every year. Rylee got to go to Seaworld with her cousin and Nana/Papa while Todd and I took the little girls to Legoland. I realized on this trip how big Rylee is getting, she spent more time getting ready in morning than I did....really, we're here already?! Here are some pics from the one trip I remembered to take the camera on:


Amber said...

Wow! "Normal" life will seem so boring after all that! Sounds like you had a great time... I'd say I was jealous BUT we are off on a road trip in less than a week to NY and DC for 10 days! I can't wait!!!

Laurel said...

Love the picture of the girls running on the beach! Just when I think Maddie can't be any funnier, she comes up with something else. Love that child.