Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Success at Dance Class!

Maddie's first day of ballet/tap class was 2 weeks ago. First of all, Maddie is an adorable ballerina! I must say, even as a brunette, that blonde hair and blue eyes work really well in pink ballet outfits. So anyway, on our way to class 2 weeks ago she and I were talking all about what to expect. I kind of thought it might be bad when I asked what she thought her teacher might be like and she said "well, I'll bet she has very crazy hair." Maddie tends to judge people solely on their hair do-s (I know, we've had the "beauty is on the inside" talk....she couldn't care less).

SO...we went to the first class and the first 5 minutes were great. Then the teacher asked the girls to change from tap to ballet shoes. Maddie proceded to scream and cry for the next 40 minutes. I stayed outside the room, with all the mortified moms in the hallway looking at me. One asked "are you going to go get her?" to which I replied "no, this is what we do." After all, the kid needs to learn, right? Then it was time to leave class. The teacher stood in the doorway and said "goodbye princess" to each girl. Each girl said goodbye and thank you. I knew mine would not. When it was Maddie's turn to leave, the poor teacher (probably 19 years old) said "goodbye princess" to which Maddie screamed "I ain't never comin back here, never, ever, never again and I ain't never gonna see YOU again!!" I said "thank you, we'll be gone next week but see you in two."

The SUCCESS: We went back today. I had extensive talks with her ahead of time "we must be nice to people, even if they have crazy hair...etc" and she did great!!! She was so happy, she was doing her gallops, leaps, etc... while yelling "look, I'm happy! look, I'm laughing!" Phew..... it's seriously the little things like not being totally morified in public by a screaming ballerina that just make my whole day!


Gooch Family said...

I can't get over the stories of her! She is such a character! It's a good thing you have this blog to record it all because they will be VERY funny later on when she is grown up and hears them.

Laurel said...

Love the Maddie stories!! You will be able to write a book one day. Just think, when she is all grown up, the president of the United States, her public will love these.

Anonymous said...

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