Monday, June 8, 2009

Mexico - without me

Todd took the big girls to Mexico for the week and got back yesterday. Every year he and my parents go to Rocky Point the first week in June, taking the oldest kiddos. It started as a Rylee and Daddy trip, but Maddie went this year too. Kenzie and I stayed home, I got alot of projects done around the house and we practiced finding our head, nose, ears, eyes and mouth...a very productive week.

Seriously, do you know another man who would take 2 little girls to Mexico for the week? He even braved the border with a blonde haired, blue-eyed girl! Luckily everyone made it back without incident.

The pic of Rylee with her fork is of them about to eat clams...yak!

Highlights for the girls:
-Papa put sea-weed on his head and acted like their favorite mermaid, Aquamarine
-Getting their hair braided
-Asking daddy to buy them necklaces, listening to him say no, then watching him buy the necklaces (as Rylee explained)

Maddie's craziness (there is always something, no matter where we go). After cleaning up dinner, nana and papa looked out their windows to see the ocean. Only what they saw was Maddie, standing in the middle of the beach, pants around her ankles for everyone to see. Lovely.



Linda Swain said...

Yea, well the reason Daddy bought the necklaces after saying no is because Maddie put one on and ran away with it! He had no choice! What fun!

The Nelsons said...

Oh, that actually makes sense! Of course so did the thought of him giving in to his girls :)