Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back from Cancun!

We have decided to plan trips according to the latest epidemic's. Due to the swine flu, there was noone in Cancun and it was great! We stayed at a Spa Resort. Our room had a two person jacuzzi, refrigerator constantly stocked, and a private butler. We would pick scents for the room, and the butler would make sure that by evening he had the aromatherapy going throughout. We really couldn't have cared less about that part, but hey, since he asked, we became opinionated (lavender/vanilla being our favorite!). While we went to dinner on our anniversary, the butler decorated our room with rose petals, candles and chocolate cake.
We did one excursion, a jungle cruise. We got our own jet boat and went out to the reef to snorkel. The guide in front of us jumped onto his boat and yelled "c'mon." He took off over the white caps. We were flying behind him, over the waves. The nose of the boat went under a few times, drenching us and we caught air constantly. I've never heard Todd scream like a girl before this trip!
Thank you SO much to my parents who watched the girls for us for the entire week. It was great to know that they were being loved and cared for!

Beautiful turqoise water

These iguanas are all over there, luckily they are afraid of people

The infinity pool overlooking the ocean

Getting ready to go out for dinner. It was so nice to not have to tell anyone to sit still, not eat their crayons, use an inside voice etc...

Hanging out by the pool


Gooch Family said...

Wow sounds like it was amazing! Especially having hardly any one else there.

Gooch Family said...

Oh I forgot to mention that Todd looks like he belongs down there with that skin color. I surprised they let him back in the US!

Laurel said...

Wow, sounds awsome. So cool that you guys got to get away alone together. Nana and Papa must need a vacation now.

Amber said...

What a fantastic trip! We definitely need to do that one of these years!