Friday, July 10, 2009

The time has come...

My precious 6 year old asked me over dinner tonight "where do babies come from?" She's asked this before, and I've given her general answers (out of a mom's tummy, the dr takes it out...) which have so far satisfied her curiosity. Then she hit me with it "no, before they get in your tummy, what does it take to get a baby in there? How did you get us in there?" Well crap. I'm fairly certain I blew it when I told her that we just prayed, that mommy and daddy are very spiritual together and that's how we made babies. (I figure that at least if I remember all the things I've said to screw them up, I can hand the list over to their future therapists for a good place to start) That really didn't work either because then she asked "well, why do you have to wait until your married if it's just about praying?" Crap again....time to suck it up, buy a book, and do the sex talk deed.

Now the brilliant things I am working on with Maddie:
When Rylee was 3 we worked on safety questions. She actually got lost at the beach once when we were on vacation and when we got to her she was telling a group of people our full names, phone numbers, the city and street we lived in. SO....I've been working on all of this with Maddie for awhile now. Here is why we have a bear backpack/leash for her:

Me: "How do you spell your name?" My precious blonde: "M I D 1255"
Me: "What are your parents names?" My precious blonde: "They will be here to get me in awhile, they're taking me to the movies" or "My mother is in the hospital now, she hurt her toe" (no idea where that came from but it has been a consistent answer of hers for weeks now)
Me: No, what are your mommy and daddy's names? My precious blonde: "Oh, Todd and John Nelson"
Me: "What city do we live in?" My precious blonde: "The new house"

So I'm thinking if we ever lose her she will likely end up returned to a nice gay couple, Todd and John who live in a nice new house and go to the movies alot....not too shabby I guess!


Gooch Family said...

Oh man looks like you have some fun tasks on your hand! Good luck on the sex talk! As for Maddie, I've heard that you could put a paper in their pocket when you go out somewhere with your names and numbers on them and then just tell Maddie to give that to someone if she is lost. That could be your back up since it doesn't sound like she has much desire to learn her info, haha.

Amber said...

Boy, it sounds like you have your hands full! Do you think Maddie is trying to mess up on purpose??? Just wondering if clowning around is her thing! She seems like such a firecracker. I keep wondering when my kids will ask about the birds and the bees. I've opened the door many times to the conversation, but they never seem to take the bate. I suppose that should be a good thing! Good luck with everything!

P.S. Can't wait to hear Maddie's responses when she learns about the B & B...that should be a fun post!!!