Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The surveillance system

So when Todd got a surveillance system for the house a few weeks ago, I wasn't really thrilled. I mean, seriously, do we need to have cameras all over and two monitors? We're not in the mafia, I promise.

Our lawn service guys were suppose to come today. Todd left a check under the front mat when he went to run errands. When he got back, he remembered that the lawn guys weren't coming due to Veteran's Day so he went to get the check back. It was gone.

We went to the monitor. It just runs live feed, but when there is motion, it starts recording. So we went back to all the motion detected today. First we saw two Jehovah's Witnesses walk up to the door and open their Bible. Nope, they didn't steal the check. Then, in the next frame we saw the check poking out from the corner of the mat. Fast forward a few minutes, and the neighbor girl comes over to play. She rings the door bell. She looks at the check. She looks in the house windows. She picks up the check and runs away. Ha, busted! Poor kiddo, Todd called her mom and she had to come apologize and bring the check (all ripped up) back over.

I guess Todd wins this battle.


Amber said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!

Gooch Family said...

Love it! Although the story would have been better if you caught the JW's take it, haha

Chad and Beth said...

Hahahaha. Hilarious.