Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Date Night

I was at a function at Maddie's preschool the other day and a mom asked me how many kids I have. I explained that I have 3 girls. She responded "I'm sorry, how awful." It hit me in my gut. She was insulting the loves of my life. I think girls are amazing. More amazing than that though, is the side of my husband I get to see.

We were sitting at dinner tonight when Maddie was doing her craziness at the table. Todd told her to stop or "we won't get to have ice-cream like we planned." I immediately lit up..."Yes, Ice Cream?!?!" I love taking the kids to ice cream, it just thrills me (ok, so I really just love eating the ice cream, but it sounds better to say I like taking my kids). Todd gently let me know, "um...not you...just me and Maddie." Todd may not always pick up his clothes, clean up after himself, etc...but he makes his daughters feel loved.

I love what "date nights" entail. I get to talk with the special girl about dates. "Why did your daddy pick just you?" "What do you say when he buys you ice cream?" "Remember to let him open the door for you and push in your chair."

They got home from their date and I asked Maddie again "why did your daddy pick you?" She remembered "He treasures me." Wow.


Amber said...

Ahhh... that is so sweet! Kuddos to Todd. And that mean woman can just "kiss it"... she must be jealous or something!

Gooch Family said...

And that is why you got 3 girls! They were blessed to have the best daddy ever who gets to show his soft side. Might not have happened with boys :)

Chad and Beth said...

Oh what a good dad. I love it. Why in the world would you say such a thing about another mom's kids? That lady is craptacular.