Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catching up

It's been awhile, not just since blogging but since sitting down and being organized enough to spit out a thought~! A few things we're up to:

We finally closed on the house today. We signed all of the paperwork, and are moving on Saturday. We took Maddie and Kenzie with us to the paper signing, and made it through without incident or meltdown which feels like a bigger accomplishment than buying a short-saled house in a recession!

Kiddos are good:
Rylee is loving school and would like to get into selling things on Craigslist and E-bay like mom. She has seen lots of people coming through here buying things, and is constantly wheeling and dealing with me to get a share of the profits.

Maddie is great but is continuously sticking things up her nose which is driving me absolutlely crazy. We had the Ben-gay/nose incident a couple weeks ago. Last night she jammed play-doh up there and started screaming. We got it all out....and she did it again. We got it all out again (which took forever, apparently her nostrils are endless tunnels), and while she was screaming I asked why she kept doing that and she replied "I like it....ouch! ouch!" Tonight she jammed a pixo (a tiny bead that you can spray and stick to other tiny beads) up there....far! I couldn't even see it. She was in the kitchen and said "mom, what are you doing?" I said "playing with Kenzie, what are you doing?" to which she replied "Nuffin, just stuck a beetle up my nose (anything small and round is a beetle to her...I don't know). So I looked and couldn't see it, had to lay her down with a flashlight, with her instructions "its blue, now do you see it" and still couldn't see it. After much blowing, we finally got it out. Then she went to grab a pink one. Luckily I got it from her before she did her magical disappearing trick again. I'm hoping we are able to stay away from the ER during this phase.

Kenzie is getting big! We took her in last week for her 1 year, and she is in the 20th% for everything. She is standing and holding onto furniture and is our loudest baby yet. This kiddo can yell!

We'll post some pics soon, once were out from under boxes etc....


Amber said...

It sounds like you are heading towards an ER visit to me! Maybe you can give her a piggy bank or something of that nature with a small opening, and tell her that when she feels like shoving something up her nose again, to put in there instead! If she can go a whole month (or even a DAY at this point), you'll reward her with a $1 (or whatever). It might work?! LOL ;-) Good luck with that one!

The Wilkes said...

Adam stuck a styrofoam peanut up his nose when he was little and then had to make a fun trip to the ER to get it out. What an ordeal...I don't envy you. That's so exciting about the house. You need to send some pictures. I heard it's fabulous! I have birthday presents for your girls that I've been meaning to send that I told you, maybe I'll get on the ball and send them out.

Laurel said...

Hurrah on closing on the house!!! Let us know if you need some help with the move, I'm always willing to volunteer Bruce to help! Seriously, I'd help too. Love the Maddie stories, can't wait to see you guys for the party on Sunday.