Sunday, April 26, 2009

3 Years ago today

We were having Madison! She is the most fun kid! Maddie never walks; she skips, hops, jumps, twirls, and dances. It is so fun...even though we have 3 kids of the same gender, she mixes things up a bit with her big blue eyes and blonde hair. Maddie has fun no matter what she does (which should prove interesting in preschool in a few months). We are so blessed by this special girl!

We knew exactly what to get her for her birthday today. I took the girls to a carnival on Friday and they both won goldfish. Maddie talked to those fish for a day...until hers died. She would not let us flush him and told us "he's still just SO cute" as she watched him and talked to him all day (while he was bloated and floating at the top of the water). SO...we got her an aquarium for her big day, and she is thrilled.

Happy Birthday to my blond bombshell!


The Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

Amber said...

What a cutie-pie! Happy Birthday sweetie!!! I still think the blond thing is funny...I've often wondered what the mailman looks like... KIDDING! ;-)

The Wilkes said...

Happy Birthday!! She's a doll! I STILL have those presents...I will send them. Now I will put the ball in your court...if you WANT the presents you need to send me your new address...ha! :)

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!! What a blessing and a beauty you are. We love you.