Monday, November 3, 2008

Rylee's First Race

I decided this year that I would sign up for races that have Kid's dashes for Rylee. This past weekend was the first one, and Rylee had a blast. My friend Paige and I ran the big people's race, and our girls ran in the kids dash afterwards. It was too fun watching the kids race. She was in the 3-7 year old dash, and about 4 of the kids kept tripping and falling. They were so excited to be racing with people standing on the sidelines screaming, that they just got back up and kept going. The channel 12 News cameras were recording the little ones. It was a great experience for our little perfectionist. She asked about a million times "what will happen if I don't win" and we kept explaining that we run to stay healthy, not to win. Well she did a great job and was thrilled just to be a part of it and to get a T-shirt that matches mom's. And too funny, when I was done running and was again re-iterating to Rylee that the point of running is to be healthy, I lost Todd. I quickly realized that there was a silent auction table, so of course he would be there. Come to find out, he bid on and won a fryer.'s gonna take alot more running to work that off!


The Wilkes said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Cute background! Your girls are so cute. Love the lipstick on Rylee! Hope you guys are doing well. Miss you guys!

Gooch Family said...

That is funny about Maddie trick or treating! I'm glad you started a blog so we can keep up more with all that you guys are doing. Also way to go on getting out there and running! Maybe Todd can join in next time, haha, yea right.