Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AZ weather is the best!! (4 months out of the year)

Todd took the big girls camping last weekend. They had a great time riding quads. It's amazing to watch Rylee hop on her own quad and take off, probably the scariest thing I have had to watch as a mom. She is like a little Evil Kanevil, swerving in and out of trees/bushes/cacti. They had a blast!
I took the girls to the zoo yesterday, with our friends and the rest of AZ since it was Veterans Day. They had a great time and were totally worn out at the end of the day, which meant great naps...woohoo! I love those days!

Rylee pretending to sort of animal that lives in trees, I really don't


Maddie was thrilled to brush the goats. When I told her we were going to go to the

zoo, she kept yelling "I wanna see sheep!" her dream came true, the petting zoo was her


Maddie pretending to drive "mama's vroom vroom."

Rylee telling me "You know I could drive this if I wanted to"

Daddy taking Maddie for a ride on mama's quad.


Gooch Family said...

Love the title of your post, SO true! I'm in heaven right now and couldn't love being outside more. Maddie looks like she couldn't be more happy petting the animals, she is so dang cute!

Carol said...

Hi Todd and Melissa,

You probably don't remember me Melissa, this is Aunt Carol (Tom's sister). I think I met you at Erin's wedding. I found your blog through her's. Your girls are so darling and growing up so much. I love these blogs because it is such a good way to keep in touch with family. I hope you don't mind if I check yours out now and then. If you are interested - my blog is

See ya around the blogging world!

The Wilkes said...

I used 1 can...the 15 oz.