Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kenzie Lola,

Happy Birthday Kennedie! Our little fire alarm, a bit smaller than our other girls were, and quite a bit louder too. I can't believe you are 3! The beginning of this year, we had a little scare with you. When we were camping, Nana noticed some bumps on the back of your head that felt like rocks, a quick call to Aunt Laurel put us more at ease. I took you to the Dr. the next day thinking she would just explain that the bumps were due to you fighting off an infection. Instead, our easy going Dr. looked at me and said "these really make me nervous, they are hard and aren't moving, and don't feel like regular lymph nodes, I need you to go for blood work immediately." She then asked me about our family medical history, including any cancer etc... We spent the entire day finding a lab that could get you in. When we did find one, you were such a little trooper. Daddy held you and you sat there watching the blood come out. A few days later the Drs office called to say your white blood cell count was low, they said it could just be you were fighting off an infection, but they couldn't be sure. We needed to wait another week and take you for more blood work. We did that, and then a week later got the call that you are as we thought, a very healthy little monkey!

You have brought fun and spunk to our house, as only a little girl born on April Fools Day can do! Happy Birthday Princess.

And here are a few pics of you with your favorite things:

You and your lunchbox, ready for preschool!

You and Madison, you love your sisters!
And last; you, a swing, and a pretty dress!

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The Wilkes said...

Happy Birthday Spunky Kenzie!!!