Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday TJ!

Todd is 35! It's impossible to find something to buy this man. It seems like if a man wants something, he just buys it. If he can't afford it, he saves for it. If a woman wants something, we go to the store and have an internal battle over if we should buy it or not, then we end up buying more clothes for our kids or 30 things from the Target Dollar bin and head home without our original prey.

So this year I decided just to do, instead of buy. I asked T to go to my parents house in the morning to help my dad move a tree. He was of course thrilled to death. I packed up our stuff while he was gone and then headed up to my parents. I walked in and told him we were going to run errands. Then we went to Rent-a-vette. I had reserved a corvette for the weekend, but when we got there T asked if they had any Porche's. The man took us in his garage of Bentley's, Vette's, Escalades, Porche's and historic cars and said to pick what we wanted. So T picked a little Porche convertible. We took of riding in style, enjoying the AZ air and headed up to Scottsdale for lunch and shopping. After that, we headed to Talking Stick Hotel and Casino to hang out by the pool and enjoy a full nights sleep with no little people having bad dreams or having to go potty....ah, heaven!

Happy Birthday TJ, it was great having you all to myself for a couple of days!!

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