Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis the Season

Anyone else losing brain cells by the minute? Anyone out there:
-Find yourself giving fish food to your dogs? Poor guys sat in front of me, eager for their glucosamine as I sprinkled fish flakes on their faces.
-Forget to put jackets on your kids, and when they cry, respond with "just move around alot, you'll be fine."
-Thank the dog for licking the cheerios off the kitchen table, grateful that you don't have to clean it now?
-Have your kiddo wake up at 10:30 at night to say ", you never got my homework out of the car today."
-Spend 3 hours trying to load songs on a new ipod for your daughter for Christmas, text a friend to ask for help, then realize it's not plugged in all the way?
-Wear your pajamas to drop the kids off at school, thinking noone will see you, then almost run out of gas and find yourself at a gas station by a high school in camouflauge flannel pj's.
-Sing loudly to yourself in the car, to the point your daughter says "mom, stop! There might be other 7 year olds in the other cars"
-Set the house alarm at night, then walk straight to the back door, and open it for the dogs to go off. I'm sure the neighbors enjoy the alarm as much as my kids do when they are sleeping.

Ah....Tis the Season


Amber said...

ROFL!!!! Sounds like a typical day around here! Glad to know I'm not alone!

Beth said...

Hahahaha. Love being a mom don't we!