Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catching up

So Todd asks me every night "did you post pictures of...(insert fabulous family activity)..yet?" Every night I say, "Nope, I will tommorow for sure." Ah...ever just feel like by the time you sit down at night it's all you can do to get back up, brush your teeth, and go to bed? (Add to that that I look for scorpions outside every night for 30 minutes...yes...OCD is fun! lol) catch up, we went to Rocky Point a few weeks ago, we had an awesome time camping on the beach for 5 days
Todd and his new toy. We were driving out to JJ's Cantina for lunch one day and had AC/DC "You shook me all night" on when Maddie says "I love this song, we sing it in church every Sunday!" By the way, I'd give anything for his tan skin, look at that face!

The girls: Emily (11) Rylee (7) Madison (4) Kenzie (2)

Sweet Kenzie busy in the sand

Madison and Uncle Michael. Look at the way she is looking at him...I love it! The waves were unusually big for Mexico, so he was out there with her holding her hand. She looked at him and said "I'm having so much fun, it would be so great if you were 4 too!" Aw....


E said...

I hear ya about the tanning thing - Mike is the same way (Mediterranean Heritage). Come to think of it, so is Ami' - they don't burn (unlike myself), but get nice and golden brown!

I also get the whole "now that I get a chance to sit down, it's time to go to bed" thing. The work of a mama is never done... (and when it is done, it's time to go to bed!)

Chad said...

What do you do when you see a scorpion? Do you step on it, or is there some type of spray to kill it, or does Todd use his skills that he learned from watching The Survivorman and cut its tail off than cook it over the fire?

Beth said...

You camped for 5 days on the beach? That sounds like so much fun. And don't we all wish we were 4 again sometimes. Seriously what a cute thing to say.

The Nelsons said...

No, Chad, I use my survival skills and light it on fire with a torch...typically while Todd is inside watching Cake Boss or another manly show.