Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Joy of Having Girls

I get to re-live my childhood. Asking my mom to put soft hair rollers in my hair at night "but leave the front out so I can make big bangs." Sleeping in rollers all night, knowing that in the morning, I would take them out and have gi-normous hair, the best! I would couple the big hair with my ankle-zip Guess jeans "mom, you have to wash my Guess Jeans and Sweatshirt so I can wear them with my curly hair." Now, if all of these fabulous things lined up on a day where there happened to be a Skateland skating party that evening, it was true heaven. I knew that I would look hot, skating with big hair and Guess Jeans. Ah, bliss.

I love that my sweet Rylee wanted soft hair rollers. I love that she woke up at night, excited for the morning. I took them out in the morning, now....I remember looking hot, not like a poodle. Seriously, I thought, this is what I looked like? But just like me, my little poodle felt like the most beautiful girl in the East Valley. How fun!

In other news....Maddie related, just this week:
-She shoved yet another bead up her freakin nose. Luckily we got it out, I didn't even have to use Daddy's cop flashlight to look for it up there, progress?
-While at the park, in front of lots of lovely families, she yells (because I'm never standing in whispering distance when she says crazy thing, always yelling distance) "Mom, how long are you going to be in jail for this time?" I turned beat red, and ignored her. I had nothing. Maybe she was thinking of her "other mother"...let's hope


The Wilkes said...

I can't stop laughing!!!! Where does Maddie come up with this stuff?!?!? I can't think of a response either...what do you say to that? At least she hasn't started screaming "you aren't my mom!" when it's time to leave the park...that would be awkward!

Chad and Beth said...

Chad and I are dying of laughter right now! Where does she get this stuff? Melissa. I love your posts. They are always so thoroughly entertaining.

Amber said...

You have some funny little blond one in particular! Where's the after photo of the curly hair???