Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Santa,

We are certain that you check blogs for updates on what children would like, and parental recommendations for the Naughty or Nice list. So here you go:

Rylee - Age 6 - Favorite colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink. Size: 6 (sometimes 5, but if you bring her size 5, please remove the tags as you will be told that you have not purchased the right size. You and I both know that someday she will appreciate being thin, but not today).

We would recommend that our sweet 6 year old be on the Nice list. We would however, recommend you talk to her about her attitude, specifically when being told "no." Please let her know that sometimes parents don't have 52 reasons for everything, and are usually too exhausted by giving the excuse the 2nd or 3rd time to continue. We do love this precious girl, and are thankful for what a great Big Sister she is.

Rylee would like: An Aqua Sand (Santa, really....what the heck is this??? Your little helpers cannot find it in any freakin retail stores), a Wii (which we were told would be on sale at Costco after Christmas....can you pull any strings?!?), and that's it. Pretty simple.

Madison - Age 3 - Favorite colors are Pink and Black. Size 4 or 5 (yes, you read that right....and she's only 3).

We would recommend the Nice list for this one as well. However, when asked if we should tell you if she has been naughty or nice, she said "just tell him I tried." So there you go. When upset, she still lets us know that "my real mom and dad will be here soon to get me anyway." Maybe you could address that with her, we get strange looks from others when she does this. The other thing that gets us strange looks is her insistence of wearing her swimming suit every day "in case it gets summer this afternoon." I did "win" yesterday, and she wore a shirt with her swimming suit bottoms and skates...go mom! Otherwise, a very sweet, creative, unique child she is.

Maddie would like a pink baby bottle. That's it. She has consistenly wanted this for 6 months, even though we have 52 in our house.

Kennedie - Size 12 - 18 months (she's a peanut!) Love of her life: Elmo

We would recommend the Nice list for this one as well. Just seems wrong to recommend the Naughty list for anyone under 2. She does do a great self time-out. When she's upset, we tell her to walk herself into the front room. She does, and turns her siren on (yes, she can scream louder than a police car), then calmly walks out. Impressive, I know.

Daddy - Likes Black, and anything boy-ish (who can blame the poor sucker, in a house with 4 girls).

I would recommend the Nice list. Despite one incident this year, when he spent more than our mortgage on a watch, he really is a gem. He has more patience than any man, and is almost as nurturing as any woman (please don't tell his Police friends that, Santa). He is a keeper.

Not sure what he wants....if you find out....please drop me a line.

Mommy - Size: yah, right...not happening, Santa! Likes anything that Sparkles

I think anyone who births a child (or 3) deserves to be on the Nice list. I think the hours of labor, hours of praying for our children and husbands, gives us immunity to being on the Naughty list. If you only knew the hours we spend, tears we cry, joy we feel, all related to or dependent upon the actions of those in our family, however small or would agree.

Mommy would love anything, really....just loves to watch her kiddos on Christmas Day (although another Cancun trip this year would make me smile alot too!).

Thank you Santa...with love,

The Nelson's
****My wonderful Sister in Law took our family pics....blogger is not letting me put more on for some reason...will post them soon. Erin Wilkes Photography is on Facebook!****

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Chad and Beth said...

hey. i think i got one of those police sirens too. i don't remember asking santa for one but i guess i'll keep mine.