Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Days, School Days!

We officially have 2 kiddos in school! (Although Maddie only goes for 2 hours 2x/week).

Rylee started 1st grade at a new school this year. I was more nervous than she was, I always admire her confidence. She marched into the new school like she owned it. I love hearing about her days...every detail is very important to her. I asked her after one of her first days what she did when we dropped her off (we drop her by the playground and its free-play until the bell rings). She explained to me that she took her backpack to her classroom and set it down outside. She then "practiced walking to each of the different places I might need to go, because they walk us everywhere now but I bet soon they'll let us go by ourselves." I asked what she meant. My precious 6 year old..."I started at my classroom and walked to the bathroom, then back to the classroom and to the office then back to my classroom and to the gym then back to the room and to the library." Week 3, she has conquered the school.

Rylee's bus pulling up. Her first time ever riding a school bus! A very huge deal.

Today was Maddie's first day of preschool. She started by ripping off the necklace she was wearing, shouting "my teacher will just Hate this!" I then took her into the room where she was happy and played...until she saw a little boy having a fit. It then occured to her that this was an option. She immediately clung to my legs and started screaming. I pried her off, kissed her little blonde head and left. I was so eager to hear the details of her day. Here is what i got from my precious blonde:

Me: "How was your day"
Precious blonde: "BAD"
Me: "What did you do?"
Precious blonde: "Nuffin!"

Me: "What did you have for snacks?"

Precious blonde: "pills"
Me: "What did you play with outside?"
Precious blonde "I went swimming" (there is no pool)
Me: "Did you ride the bikes"
Precious blonde "They're all broken!"
Me: "Did you meet new friends?"
Precious blond "Yes"
Me: "What are your friends names?"
Precious blonde: "Jelly, and my brother George came to play too"
Me: "did you like your teacher?"
Precious blonde: "No, she locked me in a dark room" (very not true)
Me: "can I take a picture of you, my beautiful pre-schooler"
Precious blonde: "NO!!!! Fine, but I'll only show you one of my blue eyes!"

A very sleepy, very grouchy 3 year old, who will not show both of her beautiful eyes. So there.


Amber said...

Maddie has quite the spirit, huh??? She must make life interesting. Rylee sounds a lot like Kate. She always wants to do things just as she is told and really prides herself of a job well done. Jack is just as smart as Kate, but he just doesn't seem to care as much. He is the one I will have to worry about when college comes around! LOL

Carol said...

Ok so I'm laughing so hard at your little Maddie. What a character!! That little conversation just brightened my day. All of your girls are gorgeous and I cant believe that they are getting so old. You have a beautiful family.
~Aunt Carol